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My son has been attending JParks after care for 3 years now and he loves it and so do I. I appreciate knowing that my son is in a safe, bully free environment and he is being taught about discipline, self control and respect. The instructors are above and beyond professional and have a great sense of integrity. I trust my child in their care and I also know that he's having fun as well. I highly recommend them for after school care and for their summer camp program!!!


Date of Posting: 03 May 2016
Posted By: Missy Read

So here's the thing about this place: Master Tommy and his staff actually know each and every child. And which family they belong to. Now this is a huge group of kids of all ages! And yet, they know my child's name! They know his special challenges. They always always have time for me. They notice everything. His good days. His not so good days. And I know he is safe. And cared about. And the school and staff have become a kind of extended family. And seriously, no child is ever left out or left behind. Miss Kim, Mr. George, and the black belt students who assist under their supervision have given my child a place where he has the courage to try new things. Confidence to try again even when he has failed, until he succeeds. Pride in himself and his accomplishments. Excitement about the opportunities to learn new things in the future. He laughs. He looks forward to his time there. He has been encouraged when down. Applauded for his effort. And trained to respect himself and others. I count it a blessing to have found this school and am grateful Every. Single. Day.


Date of Posting: 21 April 2016
Posted By: Debbie Coon
I am a single parent of a six year old boy

This is a place were no child gets left behind. Master Tommy and his staff give each and every child the time and instruction needed to help them find inside themselves the courage,strength,self-control, and respect for self and others that they need to do life well! My six-year-old grandson who struggles with ADHD has found a place that gives him an opportunity to succeed at something he loves ,surrounded by friends and mentors who help him on his journey.


Date of Posting: 17 February 2016
Posted By: Debbie Coon
RN-BC Fairwinds Treatment Center

We started both one my young sons at the school year. The level of commitment displayed by both the staff and the volunteers is inspiring. I have watched my boys grow in focus, physical strength and stamina in a very short period of time. One of my concerns at the beginning of the year was that this was a warehouse for wrap around care. I couldn’t be more please at being wrong. Master Tommy is a true role model for my children and I am honored to see him working in my boy’s life. It is my hope that both of my boys are able to learn the level of respect that the staff display and carry on with the training till they achieve black belt.


Date of Posting: 15 February 2016
Posted By: Scott Johnson
Friend referal

This will be our son's 3rd year at JPark and he has loved it from the first day he started!! We are so glad that we enrolled him there, because of their commitment to teaching kids not only martial arts but to be a good person as well. As a parent you want to be able to trust who your child is with and we know Sky is safe w the instructors at JPark! Master Tommy and the others have been a very positive influence in his life and so glad to say that they are extended family. If you are looking for a safe and positive atmosphere for your child to be in, then JPark is the place for you!!


Date of Posting: 19 August 2015
Posted By: Missy Read
Sky's mom

We have been going to J Park After School Karate for over 2 years now. I have seen a tremendous improvement in my sons self-esteem and activity level. At other after school programs my son was exposed to bullying. There is zero tolerance at this school. My son has also attended the Karate Summer Camp. There are fun filled activities every day! I can go to work with peace of mind knowing that my child is safe and happy with the instructors at J Park. The J Park After School Karate provides a good balance for children as well as physical, mental and social benefits to the learning environment. I highly recommend this Karate school.


Date of Posting: 08 April 2015
Posted By: Rebecca Munjak
Mother 8 year old boy; MSEd - Deaf Education; MA - Vision Rehab

I have to say putting my kids in the J Park After School Karate program was one of the best decisions I ever made. My son had some trouble focusing and some behavior issues, but has learned so much about respect and self-discipline from his martial arts classes. I have witnessed his self-esteem improve dramatically as he progresses in his training. As a single mom, having great male role models for my son has certainly helped too. My daughter has also benefited greatly from her training and her confidence has improved dramatically. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a great after school or karate program for their kids.


Date of Posting: 01 April 2015
Posted By: T. Henderson
Mom of 3, Palm Harbor

I have to say my daughter loves the fact she has learned new and exciting techniques. She looks forward to going to the aftercare program from school because of your wonderful staff and caring atmosphere. Master Bogdanos definitely has a unique staff and does his best with every child there. Every child is treated as if they were his and therefore I know my daughter is not only enjoying all of the lessons taught but the safety in their company. Thank you for all you have and are still doing for Divinity.


Date of Posting: 30 April 2012
Posted By: Isabel Davila
Divinitys\' Mom

My daughter Gabriel is 5 years old and started taking classes in January- she really loves it. She never wants to miss a class. She can't wait to learn more. If I ask her if she is ready to go to class she yells YEEAAH and tells me that she is going to do good so she can get to the next step. The staff is very encouraging and attentive. We couldn't be happier that we have chosen this school for Gabriel- I am very thankful for the staff who teach her great respect and determination as she has started to better apply these things in other areas. Thank you all for being so great!


Date of Posting: 28 April 2012
Posted By: Rachelle Stephens

My daughter Rachel absolutely loves J Park and I do too! I have seen a huge improvement in her physical fitness, self disciple and confidence. Quote from Rachel - "J Park is the greatest experience of my life. I get to learn a great sport from amazing instructors and make lots of friends. It's my home away from home!"


Date of Posting: 21 April 2012
Posted By: Mavis Craig

It is difficult to trust others with your children but for J Park’s after school program I have no complaints. My little one is in KD and he takes pride of what he learns; he practice his martial arts every night and is already talking about joining the black belt club. He also speaks highly of Mr. Weeks, Mr. Tommy and Master Bogdanos. I am truly happy that I found a place that has positive role models and will help me teach my son that with hard work and a positive attitude there are no limitations.


Date of Posting: 17 April 2012
Posted By: Dania P.

Master Bogdanos and his staff are the most liked and professional group I've had the pleasure of dealing with. My son Eli loves it so much that every day when I ask him how school was, referring to McMullen Booth Elem., he always answers "Karate was so good!" as he sings the praises of Master Bogdanos, Mister Weeks, Mister Tommy and rest of the crew! The structure and comradery he experiences there is far superior that of what most after school proprams offer. He also looks forward everyday to going to Karate. Now if I can get him as enthusiastic going to regular school we'd have the complete My hat's off to Lenny and his staff they do an outstanding job!


Date of Posting: 26 January 2012

Throughout the years, people have always complimented me on what a great son I have. They find him to be well mannered, kind and genuine. He is 18 now and is in college on an athletic scholarship. He's a success story of a single mom upbringing. I cannot claim the victory alone. He attended J Park After School program and the Tae Kwon Do classes for many years and looked to Master Bogdanos as a role model and a mentor. We were so lucky to have his influence and guidance throughout my son's formative years. Now, 8 years later, my 6 year old daughter is attending the After School program and we couldn't be happier to have Master Bogdanos and his program back in our lives. We know she will learn so much and achieve great things during her time in their care.


Date of Posting: 17 January 2012
Posted By: Jennifer Caldwell, PHR

Our son is 5 years old and attends the after school program. He absolutely loves it! Knowing he's going there after school motivates him to get up in the morning. He is not only learning martial arts but also gaining understanding of the principles and student creed. Master Bogdanos & his staff are very friendly & professional. They are very responsible with the daily pick-up which was one of my concerns. It's a great feeling to know that our son is in good hands!


Date of Posting: 11 January 2012
Posted By: Norma Burgos
Eli\'s mom

My son is an only child and needed strong male influences in his life. When he turned 5 I sent him to Master Bagdonas. The change in my son has been remarkable. Every week he is more respectful, responsible and his behavior has improved 3000 percent. Thank you Master Bogdanos, Mr. Weeks and Mr. Tommy for being the great guys that you are. Suzanne (Alex's Mom)


Date of Posting: 17 September 2011
Posted By: Suzanne Eggert

My eight year old daughter is enrolled in the after school program and attended this year's summer camp. She thoroughly enjoys going and views the program more as a chosen activity than after school care. She tells me Mr. Bogdanos, Mr. Weeks and Mr. Tommy are kind and fun to learn from. My twelve year old son loved the Omega MMA program so much he signed up for cage body fitness. Like everything else at J Park, he is always excited to go and has taken a huge interest in the teachings of Mr. Bogdanos' staff. My husband and I were extremely impressed when we attended our first event and our expectations and satisfaction continue to be surpassed. Piece of mind is difficult to achieve when you are not with your children; J Park has truly given this to us.


Date of Posting: 17 September 2011
Posted By: Becky Witz

J Park’s After School Karate (ASK) program is by far the best in the bay area. Our son has attended the program since August 2010 for after school and summer camp. Ask him what he thinks about ASK and he says ‘It’s AWESOME!!!’ Master Bogdanos, Mr. Tommy and Mr. Weeks instill discipline, respect and confidence. It’s amazing to see how hard our son will work to reach a goal. He has learned that with hard work accomplishments follow. Our son truly admires Mr. Tommy and Mr. Weeks and we can’t think of two better guys and athletes to model. The Body Fit program for adults is ‘AWESOME’ too. It’s the best cardio program around. I’ve lost inches while becoming much stronger more toned all while alleviating stress. I’m completely addicted!


Date of Posting: 22 August 2011
Posted By: Melinda Dorgan

After being put out of several day cares because of ADHD, when my son started kindergarten, I called J.Park about their after school program. I went to the school that day, explained my son's condition to Master Bogdanos figuring my son would not be accepted. Master Bogdanos never batted an eye and took my son right in. Master Bogdanos, Mr. Weeks and Mr. Tommy are vested in the lives of all the children they teach. They are so good with them, encouraging them and providing, not just the skills of martial arts, but training in self-discipline, respect and how to conduct themselves in daily life. Even though my son still has occassional issues, he has learned so much and done so well with the encouragment and good male influence he is receiving. He will be going into 2nd grade this year and continues to grow at J Park. Thank you, guys, for all you've done for him. Christine King


Date of Posting: 18 August 2011
Posted By: Christine King
Single, working mom of 2 active 7 year olds.

I wanted to say thank you to the wonderful people of J Park Tae Kwon DO. Master Bogdanos, Mr. Mike, Mr. Weeks, and Mr. Tommy you have all left a wonderful impression on our son and family as a whole. Jamie’s confidence has grown greatly over the summer and I have to thank you all for being such a positive influence. He did achieve his yellow belt, but most of all he has found that if he uses self discipline he can do anything he wants to do. Master Bogdanos and his staff are such a positive role model for the kids that I highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again! Great job guys!


Date of Posting: 17 August 2011
Posted By: Stephanie and Lee Hottinger
J Park Summer Camp

My stepson Braden stays with my husband and I every summer and this summer we were looking for a Karate school/camp for him to enjoy and have fun. We were looking for a place to help Braden with self esteem, discipline, structure yet with a balance of fun and that is exactly what J Park Tae Kwon Do did for him. It was always a pleasure to hear each day what he learned in Karate and where he went on a field trip for that day. Master Bogdanos and his staff are so polite to the kids and to the parents that walk in the door and they truly do care for all the kids. They are WONDERFUL! Than you so much for giving my son such a GREAT summer and making it memorable for him!! We definately will be back next year!


Date of Posting: 11 August 2011
Posted By: Traci Courtois
Loan Admistrator, Third Federal Savings & Loan

My daughters are 8 and 10. They attend the after-school program as well as the summer camp. In 2008, our family was broken by the tragedy of a divorce. Since then, my girls have struggled with a variety of different issues due to the absence of their father...low self-esteem, feelings of guilt and anxiety are just naming a few. Since they have been in this program, I have seen them grow dramatically both mentally and emotionally...and they have only been a part of this program since January 2011!! I must mention the statement my oldest daughter said to me just days ago...I asked her why she enjoyed Tae Kwon Do so very much and this is what she said.."Master Bogdanos, Mr. Tommy and Mr. Weeks BELIEVE in me." She said it in a very matter-of-fact tone and without hesitation. That statement touched my heart like nothing has in a long time and brought tears to my eyes. I could go on and on about this program. I highly recommend it to any parent/guardian who is interested in helping their children advance in a multitude of skills that will help them throughout their entire lives... Thank you to you all for taking such good care of my girls! They love you!


Date of Posting: 22 June 2011
Posted By: Melaine Metheny
Insurance Agent, Single Mommy of 2 beautiful girls

My granddaughters have been going to J Park Tae Kwon Do for several months now. The instructors instill self discipline, confidence and respect for themselves and others. I am so proud of them and plan for them to excel and continue the excellence that is being taught to them. They enjoy the program and all the instructors. I enjoy watching all the kids perform and highly recommend the program for anyone looking for a quality program for their children. All the instructors are so good with the kids and enjoy what they are doing.


Date of Posting: 22 June 2011
Posted By: Betty Jones

After watching the interaction between the after school students and Mr. Tommy for two years, I was convinced that when my son was old enough, we were definitely looking into him attending JPark’s After School Program. As summer vacation approached and flyers were sent home, my husband and I were ecstatic to find out that he would be able to start this summer attending Pinellas County’s #1 Summer Camp for 15 years. Every staff member has been exceptional. Thank you all for giving us peace of mind while our son is attending camp and his parents are at work. I love it when he comes home and shows us what he has learned, not to mention how handsome he is in his uniform. Can’t wait to start attending additional Martial Arts Classes. God Bless.


Date of Posting: 16 June 2011
Posted By: Antonette Wilson

I love J.Park. I am a single mom of an 8 year old daughter. Her dad is not a constant in her life so having positive male influences in her life is very beneficial. The instuctors are very positive and encouraging. I know they truly love what they do because it shows. My daughter had a short period of going to another after school program. I realized how well J. Park does with their after school program. It is very structured and they don't have a lot of free time to goof off. They get their homework done, play group games, and have an MMA class. I would highly recommend J. Park to anyone. They are the best in the area.


Date of Posting: 25 May 2011
Posted By: Erica Langes

My son, Dylan, is in first grade. He attended the summer camp last year and never stopped talking about how much fun he had there. His attitude and behavior at school has improved because of the positive discipline techniques he learns at J Parks. The instructors are consistent and so are the teachings. Dylan now goes 3-4 times per week and is always excited to go and learn. The instructors are wonderful with the children and very friendly. The kids have a lot of fun while learning lifelong lessons of self control, discipline and respect. I would recommend J Park to anyone who is interested in having their children enroll in something that is fun, unique, disciplined, with physical fitness all rolled into one. They also offer some great classes for the parents too! -Jodi Farris


Date of Posting: 24 May 2011
Posted By: Jodi Farris
Dylan 1st grade

My son has been attending this school year since starting Kindergarten. It is very convenient to have him picked up daily from school and able to stay at JPark until 6pm. He advanced to a yellow belt in 6 months, and is very proud of his accomplishments. The instructors have instilled discipline and pride and while strict with rules also let the kids have a really good time. I highly recommend JPark and After School Karate!


Date of Posting: 09 May 2011
Posted By: Sue Ellis
Realtor at

My son has been attending JPark for the last 5 years. I'm completely distraught that we have moved to Hillsborough and he will no longer have access to the program. Lenny and his team are smart, well rounded, responsible and respectful individuals. All of these wonderful characteristics have transfered to my child. I couldn't be a happier mom. This after school program gets 2 thumbs up!


Date of Posting: 21 April 2011
Posted By: Christina Elam
Insurance Agent, Florida

In addition to being martial arts and self defense instructors, Master Bogdanos and his team are teachers of life principles, discipline, confidence and self-respect. In only a year, I have watched with pride as my son has grown in each of these areas. I can’t say enough about the positive impact the school has made, and will continue to make, on my son's life. I would highly recommend the program to anyone.


Date of Posting: 12 April 2011
Posted By: Michelle Lynch

My son has attended J. Park Martial Arts / After School Karate for the past several years. It has made a great difference in his determination, self-discipline, and confidence. As a parent with a background in education, I am very satisfied with the values this program has helped instill in my son. The summer program is also something that we have participated in, and it is a wonderful mix of fun, lessons, and field trips. Master Bogdanos and his instructors are all friendly, responsible, and helpful people whom I trust with my son. I definitely recommend this program for any parent looking for a healthy, enjoyable after school / summer environment where valuable skills are taught in addition to providing after school / summer care.


Date of Posting: 11 April 2011
Posted By: Mary Ellen Emery

We've tried a few other after school programs for our daughter before finding J Park's After School Karate (ASK) Program. Master Bogdanos and his staff are top notch. They truly care for each and every student. Look no further - you've found the best! Our daughter has gone here for over 6 years. She loves it and will continue to train with Master Bogdanos for years to come. Don Kennedy General Manager Web Offset Printing Co. Clearwater, Fl


Date of Posting: 01 April 2011
Posted By: Don Kennedy

All 3 of my daughters have attended what is easily the best school around. Master Bogdanos has been a true blessing to my children and family. We will always be grateful to Lenny and his staff! We highly recommend J. Park to everyone!


Date of Posting: 31 March 2011
Posted By: Hector Rivera

The entire team at J. Park are so wonderful with the kids. There is a good balance of having fun with the kids, along with the discipline of learning Karate and being good to others. I love the fact that all of the instructors are positive and upbeat with the kids. My son loves going to the after school program so much that during spring break he got upset that he WASN'T going to Karate. They not only offer after school care but during spring breaks and summer they do fun things with the kids at spring and summer karate camp. We love being a part of the J.Park family!


Date of Posting: 30 March 2011
Posted By: Lisa Peterson

I strongly believe that children benefit from the structure, discipline, physical outlet, self esteem, and positive instruction that Master Lenny Bogdanos provides. I recommend him to anyone.


Date of Posting: 27 March 2011
Posted By: Dianh Majure
Masters of Science, Education, Florida

I definitely believe this unique After School Karate program channels negative activities into positive energy and improves mental attitude. A great alternative to day care.


Date of Posting: 27 March 2011
Posted By: Faith Pennington
B.S., Elementary Education, Florida

I want to say that I can see such a difference in my son since he has been coming to you all- I appreciate more than words can describe the mentoring you and Jonte and Mr Weeks and Mr Tommy have provided. He doesn't have any male role models in his life - his dad is in Texas- only visits about 2 times a year and being around such wonderful examples of what "men" are supposed to be is truly a blessing!!!


Date of Posting: 27 March 2011
Posted By: Ellen Untersee
Realtor, Florida

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