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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Martial Arts Classes Safe?

All of our programs are safe. Only trained martial arts instructors supervise each child. The children are not required to perform any dangerous movements. J. Park’s curriculum has been specifically designed so that children, ages five years and older, can successfully learn and perform all the moves necessary to excel. It is challenging enough to build greater self-image and self esteem but never so difficult that a child would experience “failure.”

2. Will my child have fun?

Martial Arts is good, clean fun for kids, and a great way to give them a head start on life, and in school. We know parents also want the lasting benefits of confidence, respect, self-esteem and self-discipline that martial arts will instill in their children. J. Park instructors are leaders in motivating children to have fun as they learn and achieve their goals to get to the next higher belt level. We will also go on exciting and educational field trips that teach children how to get along with their peers, thus creating a spirit of teamwork and a sense of leadership. In recent months our students have achieved high goals, won trophies and medals, attended sleepovers, pizza parties, field trips, and much more. J. Park students learn the most and have the most fun too!

3. Will my child learn to be abusive?

Absolutely not! Martial Arts promotes self-defense, not self-offense. We do not tolerate abusive or threatening behavior. Every child learns the J. Park “Student Creed” which is a fundamental element of the philosophy of our school. Our Student Creed clearly states, “I will use common sense before self defense and never be abusive or offensive.”

4. How long have you been working with children?

Master Bogdanos has been in business since November 1, 1995, and working with the children, families and schools of Pinellas County for 19 years. He and his staff donate their time, conducting many FREE child safety seminars and self-defense courses at various elementary schools and community events. Master Bogdanos is the founder and president of Kid Safe 911, a child safety and awareness and protective services program designed to teach children how to protect themselves against abduction and exploitation. Visit for more information on this invaluable program.

5. How much does it cost and is it worth the money?

Our primary focus at J. Park is to teach children life skills and self-defense. Because the structure of respect, courtesy, and honesty is built into Martial Arts, children develop the ability to listen and learn in a highly ordered environment. Most sports don’t build leadership traits. If you have the necessary skills to perform you’re in the game, if not, you’re on the bench. Martial Arts is different. J. Park’s programs are designed to develop leaders. Each week we teach the children how to develop such traits as confidence, self discipline, better listening skills, honesty, integrity, and much more. Our classes combine the fun and excitement of Martial Arts training and weekly mental and philosophical lessons designed to strengthen the children both mentally and physically.

The J. Park After School Karate program is currently offering, no registration fee, and a FREE uniform for all new students. There is a $40.00 charge for one new uniform, $60.00 for two, the third uniform is FREE.



1 Child $75.00 wk. / $280.00 mo. (4 weeks)

2 Children $130.00 wk. / $480.00 mo. (4 weeks)

3 Children $158.00 wk. / $588.00 mo. (4 weeks)

Right now, new enrollments in J. Park Summer Karate Camp of 4 weeks or more, will receive a FREE uniform.

There is a $40.00 charge for one new uniform, $60.00 for two, the third uniform is FREE.



1 Child $105.00 wk. ($10.00 p/wk registration fee)

2 Children $188.00 wk. ($15.00 p/wk registration fee)

3 Children $257.00 (no registration fees)

SAVE $110.00! $1,089.00 in full (11 weeks)

SAVE $100.00! $990.00 in full (10 weeks)


Please give us a call for more information, or stop by J. Park between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. We are located at the corner of Enterprise and US Hwy 19 N., in the same plaza as Cody’s Road House and Toy’s “R” Us.

727-796-SAFE (7233)


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